3-D Modeling for your Site Specific Investigations

Draft Field Logs can be printed on site, or e-mailed as PDFs when time permits, if cellular service is available.  A daily field report is submitted to the client’s on site representative for signature confirming site activities.

A post project Final Report will include the following at a minimum for each area:

  • Written summary of field activities
  • Daily Activity Reports
  • Color Graphic Logs printed in two scaling formats, including:
    • Electrical Conductivity
    • HPT Pressure & HPT Flow
    • Estimated K (if dissipation tests are performed)
    • MIP VOCs – FID, PID & XSD responses
    • Percent (OIP) Fluorescence and Select Images
  • Optionally – Excel or ASCII files of the data, or DI Viewer files.

The software records many other tool and logging parameters that can be optionally printed on logs such as rate of penetration, MIP temperature and flow, etc.  These values are preserved in the log file for later review is needed.

If sufficient data is present, an optional 3-D imaging report can be which may include:

  • Log plots in cross-section of selected sensor responses
  • Fence diagrams of selected sensor responses
  • 3-D Model diagrams of selected sensor responses
  • Integration and plotting of laboratory results with the above information