Landfill Gas Testing Services for The Solid-Waste Industry

Vista GeoScience has over 20 years’ experience conducting Tier-II landfill gas surveys at Class II/III Solid Waste Facility and SWMUs across the United States. We developed and perfected the tooling and methods required to sample and analyze NMOCs by EPA Method 25C (40-CFR60).  Key staff has more than 30 years’ experience in sampling, soil gas testing, remediation, and laboratory analysis.  Our expertise includes mapping and analysis of stray and fugitive gas in soil gas and ground water.

Gas and Leak Detection Methods

  •  Expert Tier-II (Method 25C) Landfill NMOC Gas Testing
  • Proprietary SOPs for Tier-II and Soil Gas Testing
  • Geoprobe® Direct-Push Track Rigs for Better Access
  • MiHPT to Map Subsurface Methane Migration Pathways
  • Active Soil Gas Sampling and Monitoring Point Installation
  • Multi-Level Nested Soil Gas Monitoring Wells to 150’
  • Passive Soil Gas Surveys
  • Surface Leak Detection with Pedestrian FID-PID Surveys
  • Soil Gas Flux Measurements – Fugitive & Stray Gas Mapping
  • Interpretation & Analysis of Isotopic Gas Composition

Unique Expertise

Measuring soil gas and ambient air emissions of natural gas, hydrocarbons, solvents, and fixed gases has been a major focus at Vista GeoScience by its staff for over 30 years.  Vista has developed many unique sampling and analytical solutions to gas migration, seepage, leakage, and analysis problems.  Projects include the Municipal Waste, Oil and Gas Extraction, Mineral Extraction, Gas Pipeline, Landfill, Utility, Remediation, and Real Estate Development industries.