The staff at Vista GeoScience has successfully served our client’s evolving needs in the environmental site investigation and remediation industry since 1986.  As the demands, costs, and challenges of your environmental investigation and remediation projects increase, we strive to continuously adapt and improve the diverse knowledge, skills, and abilities of our team to compliment the latest technologies and methods we use on your projects.  This enables us to provide you with the most effective services available to make your job run smoother, on time, and on budget.  In other words, your project goals become our project goals.


John V. Fontana, PG, President/CEO

List of Services

  • Environmental Site Investigation:
    • Direct-Push/Auger Drilling & Sampling: Geoprobe® – 7822DT, 7730DT, 7720DT, 6610DT, 54DT & Limited Access Probes
    • Continuous Soil Coring (Dual-Tube), Soil Gas, and Groundwater Profiling Tools
    • High Resolution Site Characterization & Subsurface Imaging Systems on 4WD Carrier
    • NEW! – Optical Image Profiler (OIP) for LNAPL Fluorescence Mapping
    • MiHPT – Combined Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT)
    • Electrical Conductivity (EC)
    • Slimline Natural Gamma Logging Tool
    • Soil Gas Specialists: Nested Monitoring Wells, Active and Passive Sampling
    • Gas Migration Surveys (methane or natural gases)
    • Landfill Tier-2 NMOC Gas Sampling & Testing (Method 25C)
    • Hydra-Vac (Potholing and Utility Daylighting)
  • In-Situ Remediation Design Support:
    • ISCO, ISCR, and ISBR Injections – Low & High Volume Applications, Liquids, & Slurries
    • NEW! Clean-Inject Remediation System & Surgical Injection Tooling
    • Environmental Hydraulic Fracturing: Treatment Injections and SVE Systems.
    • Remedial Design Characterization (RDC) Support Services
    • Collaborative Treatment Selection and Design.
    • Approved Installer for all types of in-situ remediation products.
  • Specialized Laboratory Services: (Through our Partners)
    • Certified Mobile Laboratories
    • NEW! TO-17 VOC analysis of Sorbent Tubes for low level Air or Soil Gas
    • Passive Soil Gas Analysis of VOCs (TO-17/8260)
  • Other Services:
    • Data Interpretation, Surveying, Mapping & 3-D Modeling Services